4 yo Enrolments

Enrolment Registration Dates

2023 Registrations Opens : Tuesday 1st March 2022

2023 Registrations Close : Sunday 17th July 2022

Registration submitted after this date will be considered ‘late’ and will be processed after all the ‘on-time’ registrations have been actioned.

Enrolment Process

Four year old enrolments are processed through the Kindergarten Central Registration system conducted by Mornington Peninsula Shire. Registration is to be completed online on the Shire’s website, or forms and information can be obtained from the Shire office. The shires website below.

Registration will be taken during the registration period for children who are eligible to attend in the following year ie: Register in 2020 for attendance in 2021. Families will receive conformation that their application has been received.

Any applications received after the registration period has closed will be placed on a holding list. The holding list will be used once applications received during the registration period have been allocated places.

Allocation of places generally commence around August, accepting or declining an offer is to be made directly to the Shire as per their letter of offer. Once an offer has been accepted, families will receive information regarding the enrolment day and procedures.

Children must turn four years of age before the 30th April in the year of attendance to be eligible to attend. Proof of birth (ie: birth certificate, passport) will need to be provided to the kindergarten prior to commencing.

For further information please contact Mornington Peninsula Shire (details below), or Somerville kindergarten.

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