About Us

About Somerville Kindergarten Inc.

Somerville Kindergarten is a community based kindergarten with an open, friendly and caring environment. We offer 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten. The Kindergarten is operated by our valuable Committee of Management team.

Our dedicated teaching staff are committed to providing child-centred curriculum based on play. Children learn through play, and through play they have the opportunity to expand their world, to identify and solve problems that are relevant and meaningful to them, and to draw on themes, experiences and roles that arise from their social interactions.

Somerville Kindergarten is committed to providing kindergarten children with an individualised, high quality, educational and social program in a nurturing and caring environment. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of each child and ensure that all children are respected and valued as individuals.

In March 2015, the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) have undertaken a rigorous assessment of the quality of Somerville Kindergarten’s service against the National Quality Standard and The Regulations.

The final rating for our service is –

 Exceeding the National Quality Standard

Below are the summary comments provided to Somerville Kindergarten from the Department of Education and Training in our ‘National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Report’ – 

The service is rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard overall.

Relationships with children were consistently supported by valuing the children as competent and capable individuals, collaborative partnerships with families and communities were strong and inclusive within the service.

Educators worked in a collaborative manner to enhance the children’s learning and development opportunities and ensured that the program was based on children’s interests. The program and educators interactions with children provided a supportive, enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for children to have fun and learn.

The service is acknowledged for its positive participation in the assessment and rating process.

Somerville Kindergarten Handbook 2021